Marla + Adam // Before and After

After landing a starring role on Property Brothers, Marla and Adam decided that a "before" shoot in their ultra 50s, hip and colourful new home just had to happen.  The wallpaper, the tiles, the drapes, the carpets, I just loved everything about this place.  It was amazingly well preserved, but maybe slightly outdated for these two.  So before the renovations began, we had a bit of fun.  Don't even ask what is happening in most of these photos, because I honestly don't know.  Adam is just being Adam, which is fine by me!

Fast forward one year and this lovely couple is now enjoying their Property Brothers fame and most of all, their newly transformed space.  I couldn't resist but suggest that we meet again for an "after" shoot to show off the new digs.  So enjoy a little glimpse into the magic of home renovations.

Marla and Adam, congrats on your gorgeous new place.  May your life together here be so beautiful, so fun and full of love and happiness. 

Marla and Adam-001.jpg
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    All images © 2016 Tami Klein